2- Factor Authentication for e-Way Bill and e-Invoice System:

Those who are generating eWay Bill / eInvoice on the portal, a concept of 2- Factor Authentication is getting introduced from 15th July 2023. At the begining this is being made application for the Taxpayers whose Turnover is exceeding Rs.100 crores.

Advise the team to be notified of this change. You can make necessary changes in the contact for smooth functioning. This 2F Authentication is not there when you are using API route.

What is 2F Authentication : In addition to the current system of username and password, OTP will also be authenticated for login.

There are 3 different ways of receiving the OTP. 1. SMS: OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number as SMS. 2. On ‘Sandes’ app: Sandes is a messaging app provided by government so that you can send and receive messages. You may download and install the Sandes app on your registered mobile number and receive the OTP in it. 3. Using ‘NIC-GST-Shield’ app: ‘NIC-GST-Shield’ is a mobile app provided by e-Way Bill /e-Invoice System

How to register for 2-Factor Authentication: — 1) On logging to e-Waybill System go to Main Menu 2 Factor Authentication and confirm the registration. 2) Once confirmed, the system will ask OTP alongwith username and password. The OTP authentication is based on individual user accounts. 3) The sub users of GSTIN will have separate authentication depending on their registered mobile number in the e-Way Bill/ e- Invoice System. 4) Once you have registered for 2 Factor authentication, then the same is applicable for both e-Way bill and e-Invoice system.