Accepting/ Rejecting Taxpayer

Q1. Can I engage with a taxpayer from a different state?

Yes, you can engage with a taxpayer from a different state. At the time of enrolling as GST Practitioner, your enrollment application will be routed to the concerned State Tax Officer for processing. Once your enrollment gets approved, you can engage with Taxpayers registered in any state or jurisdiction of India.

Q2. Can I engage with multiple taxpayers at a time?

Yes. A GST Practitioner can simultaneously be engaged by multiple taxpayers, but a Taxpayer can engage with only one GST Practitioner at a time.

Q3. Can I disengage with a taxpayer after accepting the engagement request?

Yes. GST Practitioners can disengage with taxpayers at any point in time. Taxpayers too can choose to disengage from their end at any time, if they want.

Q4. Whether a GSTP can engage any taxpayer?

No. Only taxpayer send request to GSTP for engagement which can be accepted by GSTP.