Adding a new Product Code

In this video, we will see how to add products into your GSTZen portal so that those could be used for filling entries in your outgoing invoices.

Starting at a GST Taxpayer’s page, you’ll find a link to ‘Product Codes’. Clicking on the link would take you to the page listing the products. You can add a new product by clicking on ‘New Product Code’.

Specify a unique code to identify the product. Now specify the name of the product. The HSN/SAC code can be searched by typing a few characters that describe the product. You must also specify the unit measure of the product and the tax rates which include the GST rate and the Compensation Cess Rate. You may also specify the unit rate of the product. If the unit rate is specified here, an entry in the invoice for the particular product would use it by default. However, you may choose to specify a different rate in the invoice even if you have specified a unit rate for the product.