Autopilot – Downloading GSTR 2B


GSTR 2B for multiple GSTINs can be downloaded at once using GSTZen’s Autopilot. This saves a lot of time and effort as you will be log in for multiple GSTINs in a single window and download excel reports as per your requirement.

Follow the steps below to download GSTR 2B using Autopilot

Step 1


Log in and click on Autopilot on your dashboard

Select autopilot



Step 2


Choose an Action – Download data from the Govt Portal either with OTP or with Username-Password

Select autopilot action


Step 3


Choose Full Year GSTR 2B from the options

Select GSTR 1


Step 4


Select the Financial year

Select GSTR 2B


Step 5


Select the GSTINs you want to download GSTR 2B f0r and click on start

Select GSTR 2B FY


Step 6


Log in with Username-Password or OTP

Log in with Username-Password


Step 7


Click on Download a Report from GSTZen

Select autopilot action


Step 8


Click on Full year GSTR 2B download

Choose a report


Step 9


Select the Financial year

Select fy 2b download


Step 10


Download Excel report

Download excel


You may also refer to downloading GSTR2B using GSTZen to download individually for each GSTIN