Bulk upload your Sales Invoices

In this video, we’ll see how to import Sales Invoices.

From a GST Taxpayer’s dashboard, click on Sales Invoices. In this page, there is a link to “Upload Sales Invoices XLS”. We have provided a Sample file that you can to start your import. Or you can use any Microsoft XLS file produced by your accounting software.

After you upload the file, GSTZen shows the columns in the file. The page allows you to map columns between what is needed and what you have in your XLS. Let specify the columns one by one. The Customer GST number is Column B. The Invoice Number is Column C. And so on. We can specify the column for Place of Supply, HSN Codes, the Tax rates and amounts. Finally, there are a few optional columns.

This mapping is a one time job. GSTZen saves the mapping and will use it when you upload files later.

Once the mapping is provided, GSTZen will process the file. After a few seconds, we see a summary of the number of Invoices, the taxable value and tax amounts. After checking the summary, we can confirm the import. The Invoices in the file are now added to our Sales Register.

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