Cancel e-Invoice

e-Invoice values cannot be modified once the e-Invoice is created. You may cancel the invoice within 24 hours of invoice creation and create a new invoice with corrected values.

Note: e-Invoice can be cancelled only within 24 hours of creation.

e-Invoice cancellation in GSTZen

  • Click on Sales Register

Sales register

  • Choose the e-Invoice by clicking on the Invoice number
  • Click on Cancel E-Invoice

Cancel einvoice

  • Choose Yes, Cancel E-Invoice

Cancel invoice



e-Invoice cancellation in GST portal

There are 2 e-Invoice cancellation procedures available on the government portal.

Cancel single Invoice

  • Login to the e-Invoice portal and click on Cancel in the sidebar.
  • Enter either the Acknowledgement number or the IRN and click on Go.
  • Choose the e-Invoice and enter Cancellation Reason and click on Submit.

Cancel bulk e-Invoices

  • Visit the e-Invoice portal. Navigate to HelpToolsBulk Generation Tools.
  • Download the e-Invoice Cancel by IRN – JSON Preparation offline utility.
  • Enter the IRN, Reason for Cancellation, and Cancel Remarks and click on Validate
  • Click on Prepare JSON once the file is validated.
  • Login to the e-Invoice portal and click on e-Invoice and on Bulk IRN Cancel and upload the JSON file.

Frequently Asked Questions – e-Invoice Cancellation

1. How to modify or change e-invoice?

Once an e-invoice is generated, the values cannot be amended or edited. As per GST Rules, an Invoice once prepared cannot be modified. This principle extends to an E-Invoice as well. In case an invoice is prepared

2. Can I cancel an e-invoice?

Within 24 hours of invoice creation, yes, an e-Invoice can be cancelled.

3. Can the e-Invoice be deleted?

No. Once created, the e-Invoice cannot be deleted. Note – Deleting the e-Invoice from the GSTZen Sales register will not cancel the e-Invoice.

5. Can I use the same e-Invoice number when I create the new invoice after cancellation?

No. IRN is unique to each e-invoice. It isn’t possible to generate multiple IRNs for the same Supplier GSTIN, Doc Type, Doc No, and Financial Year. Once the IRN is generated, a subsequent request to generate IRN with the same request will throw an error saying duplicate IRN. A new IRN will be generated for the new e-Invoice created.

6. Can I revoke a cancelled e-Invoice?

No. Once an e-Invoice is cancelled, it cannot be undone. A new e-Invoice has to be created in its place.

7. What can I do after the 24 hours have passed?

e-Invoice cannot be cancelled after the 24 hours mark. You may make amendments to these e-Invoices in your GSTR 1.