Change in e-Way Bill Rules

With reference Notification 15/2021-CT dated 18.05.2021, to blocking of GSTIN for e-Way Bill generation is now considered only for the defaulting Supplier GSTIN and not for the defaulting Recipient or Transporter GSTIN.

Mode of transport Ship is now updated as Ship / Road cum Ship so that the user can enter Vehicle number in case the goods are moved by Road initially, and for movement by Ship, the Bill of lading Number and date may be entered. This will help in availing the ODC benefits for movement using Ship and facilitate updating of vehicle details as and when moved on Road.

Suspended GSTINs shall be allowed for E-Waybill generation. That is, the GSTINs which are suspended on the GST Common Portal can continue generating e-way bills on the e-way bill portal. Similarly, the recipient and transporter GSTINs which are suspended are also allowed for generation of e-waybill.


Change in e-way bill