Customers and Suppliers Master Data Upload

In this video, we’ll see how to import your existing Customers and Suppliers Master data into your GSTZen Portal.

Starting at a GST Taxpayer’s page, you’ll find a link to the Customers and Suppliers master data. There’s only one entry in the list, right now. To add more, click on the XLS Upload button.

As shown on the screen, the XLS file should have fields about each company such as Name, City, State, Phone, and Email. Most importantly, you can also provide the GST identification number and PAN number of the entity.

GSTZen also provides a sample file that you can download, paste your data into it, and upload back.

To upload, choose your file and click the Upload button. GSTZen will then process the file and report the status. In this video, the file had 29 entries. To complete the upload, click the confirm button. You will be able to see these new entries in your Customers and Suppliers Master Data list.