Delete GST number from GSTZen account


Customers using GSTZen account on a pre-paid basis can add and delete GST numbers from their GSTZen account directly from the software. This article explains the instructions on how you may delete a GST number from GSTZen.

  • Login to GSTZen website to view all GST numbers registered under your account.
  • Locate the GSTIN you wish to delete and click on the Settings button on the left of the GSTIN
    • Note – You will be required to delete 1 GSTIN at a time so that you are able to verify the GSTIN prior to the deletion and avoid mishaps.
  • Click on the Delete button.


Delete GSTIN

  • Verify the GSTIN displayed on the screen and click on Yes, Delete GSTIN. The GST number will now be deleted from your GSTZen account.


Delete GST number


  • Deleting the GSTIN from GSTZen will not delete the GSTIN from the government portal. This process will affect the GSTZen portal only.
  • Any data that was stored in GSTZen for this GSTIN will be removed from GSTZen once the GSTIN is deleted.


Customers under the yearly subscription plan would not be able to delete the GST number from their accounts. We request that you email us at from the registered email address with the GSTINs that you wish to delete and we will delete them for you.