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Thank you for choosing GSTZen for your e-Invoicing requirements. At GSTZen, we believe in providing quality support to all customers. We have hence created a variety of methods for you to connect with our e-Invoice support team for any e-Invoicing inquiries.

During the initial integration process, we assign members from our team to assist you with specific tasks. This will allow for easier follow-ups and a smooth transition towards project completion. Once the testing and the Production setup are complete, you may contact our team of support staff to assist you with any queries. Once you start creating live e-Invoices, we urge you to contact our support team for a quick response.

Contact Us button

GSTZen software has a Contact us button on all e-Invoices that you create. Please click on the button to open a support ticket.

e-Invoice contact us

The software will automatically fill in your Name, Email address, and basic invoice information for you. You may type in your Contact number and the issue that you are facing. This method will allow us to debug any issues at the invoice level and provide resolution.


Email Support

Please write to us at support@gstzen.in. You may also attach files and screenshots in your email allowing us to better understand the issue at hand.


Chat Support

On all GSTZen pages, you will find the chat button through which you may contact our chat support. Click on the chat button to message our team for support. GSTZen chat button

Alternatively, at the bottom of every page in the GSTZen software, you will find a Contact Us section that has a Chat link you may click on. You may share screenshots and files through the chat option as well.

Chat option


Phone Support

You may also connect with our phone support at – 7406441122. This number is also available in the Contact Us section on all pages of GSTZen software.

Server Down Status

Want to know if the systems are down? You may now monitor any downtime caused by the Government portal in the software itself. At the bottom of all pages in GSTZen software and website, you may view the System status.

GSTZen system status

You may also follow GSTZen on Twitter at https://twitter.com/gstzen for news on GSTIN server maintenance and downtime news and updates.