Track Payment Status

Q1) How can a taxpayer can get information regarding the status of payment/s made?

Taxpayers will be intimated regarding the payment status by SMS, E-mail and the same will also be updated on the GST Portal. In the pre-login mode, taxpayers can track their payments using the Track Payment Status facility on the GST portal under Services > Payments > Track Payment Status.

In the post-login mode, taxpayers can access their Challan History under Services > Payments > Challan History.

Q2) What are different payment status types?

1 Initiated – If no intimation has been received from Bank (during the re-ping in case of E-payment)

2 Paid – CIN received by taxpayer and status updated on portal as PAID

3 Not Paid – default status on challan generation

4 Failed – Failure of any online transaction initiated by taxpayer

5 Paid at tax Office – When taxpayer makes payment at Commercial Tax Office counter (Enforcement Activity).

6 Awaiting Bank Confirmation – In case of Internet Banking (Maker-Checker) till the time Checker authenticates the transaction

7 Awaiting Bank Clearance – Instrument (cheque/DD) deposited in case of Over The Counter mode

8 Expired – No payment initiated within 15 days of generation of challan

9 Cheque/DD Dishonored – Instrument dishonored due to insufficient funds or any other reason

10 Transaction Failed – On failure of transaction initiated through Internet Banking or Credit Card/Debit Card.

11 MoE Reversal – Memorandum of Error not in favor of taxpayer