Filing GSTR-9C using GSTZen

Why GSTR-9C?

Every entity (PAN Number) with annual aggregate turnover over Rupees 2 Crores needs to file GSTR-9C, an annual audit form for all their GST Registrations.

Steps to file GSTR-9C Using GSTZen

  • Download taxpayer's GSTR-9 data as filed in the Government Portal
  • Fill GSTR-9C Form Reconciliation Statement (Part-A) and Auditor Certification (Part-B)
  • Validate GSTR-9C details by uploading to the Government Portal
  • Apply Auditor's Digital Signature
  • Upload PDF of supporting documents (PDF format)
  • Upload GSTR-9C Return to the Government Portal, apply Taxpayer's Digital Signature, and file the return

GSTZen will help you in filing your GSTR-9C smoothly without having to visit the government portal.

If you are stuck on any of the steps, click on the Help articles on the right pane for assistance.

Take a look at our demo video on how to file your GSTR-9C using GSTZen.