Form GST REG-11

Statement of inward supplies by persons having Unique Identification Number (UIN)

GST Reg 11 Header Image
(1) Terms Used;-

(a) GSTIN :-Goods and Services Tax Identification Number

(b) UIN :- Unique Identity Number

(2) UIN holder has to file GSTR-11 for claiming refund on quarterly basis or otherwise as and when required to file by proper officer.

3. Details of Inward Supplies received

GST Reg 11 Form 3 Image

(1) Table 3 of GSTR-11 will be populated from GSTR-1

(2) UIN holder will not be allowed to add or modify any details in GSTR-11

4. Refund amount

GST Reg 11 Form 4 Image

GST Reg 11 Verification Image