GST Government Portal API – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1) What is API Call?

An API call is a specific operation GSTZen makes to the GSTN Government Portal or E-Way Bill Portal to send or receive data. Request for OTP, Downloading Return data, etc. are examples of API calls.

2) How does the API system work?

The Government Portal provides an Application Programming Interface (API) that software companies like GSTZen can use to send and receive data from the Government Portal on behalf of our users.

The user has to enable API access for their GSTIN and login to the Government Portal through GSTZen using OTP received on their registered email or mobile number.

3) What must be done to allow GSTZen to login and download data from the Government Portal?

1) The user must enable API access on the Government Portal

2) The user must then login using OTP received on their registered email address or mobile number.

4) How to Enable API Access?

Please click here – Enable API access in GSTN Portal and follow the instructions in the video.

5) What is the duration for API access?

As per parameters set by the Government Portal, session validity is 6 hours.

6) I have set API access duration in Government Portal as 30 days. Why do I have to re-type OTP after 6 hours?

As per parameters set by the Government, default OTP session is 6 hours. GSTZen has the option of extending the session for 6 hour increments up to a maximum of 30 days. Normally, we do not extend the session, since it will consume additional API calls.

7) How to extend OTP without Re-Typing password?

For longer sessions, GSTZen has to extend the session every 6 hours. Such extensions can be done up to a maximum of 30 days. GSTZen incurs additional API calls and cost to do. By default, we provide this functionality only for our corporate users. We can provide it at extra cost for your account, if you so desire.

Note – If you are an existing customer, please send an email to to enquire about OTP session extension service.

8) Can I login to the Government Portal without typing OTP?

Yes. You can forward the OTP to GSTZen and make the login process automatic. Please get in touch with us if you would like to enable this functionality.