GSTZen News and Updates


At GSTZen, we believe in keeping our customers informed and educated about all GST-related news. We would also like to keep our users in the know of any and all new features and updates rolled out to improve the software experience for you.

We have hence dedicated this page towards shedding light on all GST and GSTZen software News and Updates.


GST Software Updates – September 2021

  • GSTR 2B PAN Reconciliation Report – Reconcile GSTR 2B for all GSTINs under 1 PAN and download a single report for multiple GSTINs.
  • Improved GSTR 1 filing in Autopilot – Improved GSTR 1 filing process through Autopilot
  • Create Challan and Make Payment in GSTZen during GSTR 3B filing – You can now create challan and pay taxes through GSTZen during the GSTR 3B filing

GST Software Updates – August 2021

  • Optimal Offset Liability Calculator – Helping you ensure you use minimum Cash while filing your GSTR-3B
  • HSN Validator Excel Upload – You may now download results of the HSN Validator in an Excel
  • ITC 04 Download – Download your ITC 04 Return Summary and Delivery Challan Details for the complete financial year in one go
    • ITC 04 JSON to Excel Converter – Convert ITC 04 JSON downloaded from the government portal into an Excel format
  • GSTR 9 and 9C Filing – Return forms for GSTR 9 and GSTR 9C filing for the FY 2021-22 is now live. File your annual returns quick and easy through GSTZen

GST News and Updates – July 2021

Important changes related to QRMP Scheme implemented on the GST Portal for the taxpayers.

GST Collection

GST Software Updates – July 2021

GSTZen Autocorrect – Helping you correct the GSTR 1 errors in a single click

GSTZen Autopilot – Download GST return data, Run GSTZen’s Intelligent Matcher, and File GSTR-1 Return for multiple GSTINs in one go

Send Emails to Suppliers – Email your suppliers about the missing invoices in GSTR 2A/2B reconciliation directly from GSTZen

GSTZen to Tally – Upload your Sales and Purchase invoices from GSTZen into Tally. You will no longer need to create these invoices separately in Tally

GST News and Updates – June 2021

Extension in dates of various GST Compliances for GST Taxpayers

Clarifications regarding B2C QR Code

GST Software Updates – June 2021

PAN Level Reports, Reconciliation, and Return Status are now available in the software.

Books vs GSTR 2A/2B Force Match – GSTZen’s Intelligent Matcher will automatically compare your purchase invoices with GSTR 2A/2B data and match the invoices in your Books with Portal. Using Force Match, you now have the option to change the auto-match and manually match an invoice from books with the portal in the excel report.

GST News and Updates – May 2021

Extension of the due date of filing Application for Revocation of Cancellation of Registration

Waiver on Import duty for medicine used for Black Fungus

GST Software Updates – May 2021

Introduced Refund Application through GSTZen. Download your GSTR 1, GSTR 2A, and GSTR 2B from the government portal, Choose the invoices for addition in the Refund Application, and Download the JSON for refund application

Lock Invoice Dates – Choose the day of every month you want GSTZen to automatically lock your sales and purchase registers for the previous month. This will ensure that the other users would not be able to edit the older invoices post this date.

GST News and Updates – April 2021

New features of Form GSTR 1, GSTR-2B & GSTR-3B made available to taxpayers under QRMP Scheme,

COVID relief: Govt allows businesses to verify monthly GST returns through EVC till May 31.

GSTZen Software Updates – April 2021

The all-new Tally Connector V3 makes it easier for you to launch GSTZen software and connect with the support. You also no longer need Google Chrome browser for the tally integration

Read more about the updates e-Invoice sample JSONs, Signed QR Code, and e-Invoice Validator on the GSTZen software updates, April issue

GST News and Updates – March 2021

In the third phase of e-invoicing rollout, the government has made e-invoicing mandatory for entities whose turnover is above 50 Cr from 1st April 2021. E-invoicing would be applicable for business-to-business transactions.

As per the amendment, it is mandatory to report a minimum of 4 digits or 6 digits HSN Code in Table-12 of GSTR 1 on the basis of aggregate turnover on PAN in the previous financial year.

GSTZen software Updates – March 2021

GSTZen has introduced Quickbooks e-Invoice Integration to help you create e-Invoices and E-way bills in one go through Quickbooks. To know more about GSTZen’s Quickbooks Integration, see Quickbooks e-Invoice Integration.

Uploading Sales invoices through Tally and Books v/s GSTR 2B reconciliation are some of the other main features GSTZen introduced this month. Continue to the March issue of GSTZen Software updates for more information