GSTZen Software Updates – January 2022


GSTZen believes in making our software as up-to-date and effective as possible. We are hence on a constant lookout for nifty features that would improve user’s software experience. Follow this page to know all about the new features and software updates GSTZen introduces on a regular basis.


GSTR 1 Full Year E-Invoice Download using OTP


GSTZen has added a new report. Earlier e-invoices for the month were available separately for each month on the GSTR 1 filing page. Now, we have added it as a separate report under the Download a Report Tab. The user can download e-invoices for each month separately or get a consolidated report up to date or for the full financial year.

You can find the report under the Download a Report Tab. Follow the steps below to download the report

  • Click on download a report and select Full Year GSTR 1 Download (E-Invoices)
  • Log into GST Portal through GSTZen and download the auto-populated e-invoicing data from the GST Portal.
  • Download excel report

E-invoice tab

GSTR 1 Filing with E-Invoices using Username-Password


Earlier GSTR 1 filing with e-invoices was only available with OTP in GSTZen. We have now added to option of Username-Password for logging into the GST Portal. The user can toggle between the two at the top of the GSTR 1 filing page. GSTZen Agent is essential for logging into the GST Portal using Username-Password through GSTZen.

Toggle between Username-Password and OTP

PAN Level GSTR 2B JSON to Excel Reports


GSTZen has added PAN level GSTR 2B report to the PAN level reports. GSTR 2B for the GSTINs can be downloaded from the Autopilot.



PAN Level GSTR 9 Summary Report


GSTZen has added PAN level GSTR 9 report for tables 4-16 to the PAN level reports. GSTR 9 can be downloaded from Consolidated Report Page for individual GSTINs.

GSTR 9 PAN level