GSTZen Software Updates – September 2021


GSTZen believes in making our software as up-to-date and effective as possible. We are hence on a constant lookout for nifty features that would improve user’s software experience. Follow this page to know all about the new features and software updates GSTZen introduces regularly.

  • GSTR 2B PAN Reconciliation Report – Reconcile GSTR 2B for all GSTINs under 1 PAN and download a single report for multiple GSTINs.
  • Improved GSTR 1 filing in Autopilot – Improved GSTR 1 filing process through Autopilot
  • Create Challan and Make Payment in GSTZen during GSTR 3B filing – You can now create challan and pay taxes through GSTZen during the GSTR 3B filing


GSTR 2B PAN Reconciliation Report

Reconcile and Download PAN level GSTR 2B reconciliation report through GSTZen. A single reconciliation report for all GST numbers under one PAN making reconciliation with your books all the more easier.

  • On your GSTZen Dashboard, click on the PANs tab and choose the PAN number.
  • Click on the Reconciliation tab and click on Reconcile against the financial year.

GSTR 2B reconciliation

  • The GSTZen Intelligent Reconciliation Matcher will now open on a different tab. Click on Run Intelligent Matcher once you set the maximum days and amount difference.
  • Once the matcher has run, click on the Reports tab and scroll down to the Books vs GSTR-2B Reconciliation XLS Downloads section. You may now download the reconciliation report.

GSTR 2B reconciliation reportFor complete information on GSTR 2B reconciliation with books, please refer to the article – GSTR 2B Reconciliation with GSTZen

Improved GSTR 1 filing in Autopilot

Through GSTZen Autopilot, you can Download reports, Reconcile, and File GST returns for multiple GSTINs at the same time. You may file GSTR 1 for multiple GST numbers in one go using Autopilot. You can now complete the GSTR 1 filing process without having to move out of the Autopilot page. GSTZen also provides recommendations based on your current action for a smoother return filing experience.

GSTR 1 filing

Create Challan and Make Payment in GSTZen during GSTR 3B filing

Complete your GSTR 3B filing in GSTZen. Once the Offset Liability Calculator determines the taxes to be paid during the 3B filing, you can now create the Challan in GSTZen make payment through GSTZen. Post this, you may continue to complete the return filing.

GSTR 3B challan