Reconciliation between GSTR 9 Table 8A and GSTR 2A

Through GSTZen, you can download GSTR 9 Table 8A directly from the government portal. Hence, you do not need to visit the government portal or download the JSON file for reconciliation.

How to reconcile GSTR 9 Table 8A with GSTR 2A through GSTZen

Through GSTZen, reconcile your GSTR 9 Table 8A with GSTR-2A in 3 simple steps:

  1. Download GSTR 9 and 2A data from the government portal into GSTZen
  2. Run the GSTR-9 Matcher
  3. Download the Reconciliation report

Download GSTR 9 details and GSTR 2A data from the government portal into GSTZen

  • Once you log in to GSTZen and choose the GST number you want to reconcile, scroll down to the Quick Actions Menu and click on Download a report.
  • Click on Consolidated Report (GSTR-1 vs 2A vs 3B) and choose the preferred Financial Year.
  • Click on Login to GST Government Portal with OTP 
Note: GSTR9 can only be downloaded with Login using OTP.



  • Choose the checkbox for the GSTR 9 and GSTR 2A  to download the report, and click on Download from Government Portal.


Run the GSTR-9 Matcher

  • Again go to the Quick Actions Menu for the GST number you want to reconcile and click on File GST Returns.
  • Click on GSTR-9 (Annual Return) and choose the same Financial Year.
  • Click on Run GSTR-9 Matcher given in step 1.
  • Click on Download 2020-21 GSTR-2A vs GSTR-9 Table 8A Report.


You may also refer to the Filing GSTR-9 annual return through GSTZen.