Uploading amendment through GSTZen


Sometimes due to human error, some mistakes are made in the sales data which might be discovered on a later stage. GSTZen helps you in amending those invoices declared in GSTR 1 on a later date. Follow the steps below to post amendments

Step 1: Add an additional column in the excel sheet, named ‘Is Amendment’ and enter Yes for the invoice. If there is a change in the document number or date, enter the original number and date in separate columns. If the change is in any other detail, the original date and number are not required.

Step 2: For including it in the current return, the record date should belong to the month of the return.

Example- An invoice dated 30th Oct 2021 is amended in Jan 22, the record date should belong to Jan 22.

Step 3: Map it correctly while uploading the invoice.

Amendment fields

You may refer to the Excel file below for sample 

Amendment Sample