Uploading Purchase/Sales Register for multiple GSTINs


GSTZen allows you to upload invoices for multiple GSTINs at a time. Follow the steps below for the process

Step 1: Click on Manage Multiple GSTINs on the Dashboard

Manage multiple gstins


Step 2: Click on Upload Sales Register XLSX for uploading sales register or Upload Purchase Register XLSX for uploading Purchase invoices.

multiple gstins upload

Step 3: You may download the sample file available for the format or use your own format for upload the invoices. Select the file you want to upload and click on process file upload

upload file

Step 4: After you upload the file, GSTZen shows the columns in the file. The page allows you to map columns between what is needed and what you have in your XLS. Map the appropriate columns to the uploaded excel sheet. This mapping is a one time job. GSTZen saves the mapping and will use it when you upload files later.

Note: An additional field called


Step 5: After , the columns have been mapped, click on process file upload.

Step 6: Click on Confirm and Save Invoices after checking the summary