Reports by GSTZen

GSTZen's easy to understand Reconciliation and other Consolidated Reports is here to automatically compare your Books data with multiple GST Returns

Why GSTZen Reports​

  • Reconciliation matches data filed by the supplier with the recipients and records all the transactions that have taken place during that period.
  • The reconciliation process ensures that no sales or purchases are omitted or wrongly reported in the GST returns.
  • GSTZen’s various reconciliation reports compare GST Returns with data present in Books as well as compares data in different GST Returns

Reconciliation Reports

Books v/s GSTR 2A ​

The GSTR 2A reconciliation will show all your Invoices and will compare and reconcile your Purchase Register with Invoices uploaded by your Suppliers in the GST Government Portal.

Books v/s GSTR 2B

Reconciliation of GSTR 2B with Purchase register helps the taxpayer in determining the available ITC. The Report compares the invoices in GSTR 2B with those of the purchase register.

Books v/s GSTR 1

Reconciliation of GSTR 1 and Sales register helps in finding out if any sales invoices have been missed or wrongly reported in GSTR 1

e-Invoicing Auto-populated Report

Reconciling Sales with auto-populated data helps in finding out if any sales invoices have been missed or incorrectly auto-populated in GSTR 1.

GST Reports

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GSTR 1 v/s GSTR 2A v/s GSTR 3B

Download GSTZen's Consolidated Report to perform your Year-End audits with ease. Compare GSTR 1, GSTR 2A, GSTR 3B, and GSTR 9 all in one report

GSTR 1, GSTR 2A and 2B Full Year Download

Download your GSTR Returns data for the compltere financial year in one go from the government portal in an Excel format

ITC 04 Download

Download your ITC 04 return summary and Delivery Challan details from the government portal for the complete financial year

E-Way Bill Report

No more notices from your GST officer. Download your e-Way bills within a few minutes and compare with GSTR 1 to ensure that you are always compliant