Create an E-Way Bill

Welcome! GST Zen gives you the fastest and easiest way to work with E-Way Bills. You can create an E-Way Bill in less than 60 seconds. Not convinced? Take a look.

No login required. No app download required.

Here is the page to create a new E-Way Bill. Let’s enter the Supplier’s GST number. The Supplier’s PIN Code and Address are automatically filled in.

Next, we enter the recipient’s GST number. Similarly, the PIN Code and Address are filled automatically. GST Zen also automatically calculates the distance between the two locations.

Next, we enter details of the Invoice or Delivery Challan for which we are creating this E-Way Bill.

We enter the HSN Code of the first line and the total Consignment value, including taxes.

Finally, we enter the Vehicle Number. Notice, that the distance is already entered for us.

Click on the Create button and GST Zen will display details of your request along with a QR Code. We are going to create an E-Way Bill by sending an SMS to the Government portal. Scan the QR Code on your mobile and send an SMS to create the E-Way Bill.

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