Steps to Sales Invoice Bulk Upload

Step 1 – Login to your GSTZen account

Step 2 – Click on the GSTIN or ADD GSTIN

Step 3 – From a GST Taxpayer’s dashboard, click on Sales Invoices. In this page, there is a link to “Upload Sales Invoices XLS”.

Step 4

Upload Sales Invoice Page

Click on Drag and Drop file and choose the file of your choice. (Note – GSTZen importer only allows you to choose XLSX file)

XLS Data format – Click on Either Tax rates as a single column with each row being a different tax rate or each column is a single tax rate. Click Upload Sales Invoices XLS File.

Step 5

Sales Choose Sheet Page

Choose the Sheet you want to upload from the list shown by clicking Use this Sheet. This will upload the sheet that has to be imported

Step 6

Sales Importer Column Page

The importer shows the columns present in your excel sheet

Invoice Column Mapping Page

Mapping – Now map the columns to the respective fields shown in the importer. (Note – The red * denotes mandatory fields.). Now click on the drop down and choose the column in the sheet that matches to the Field. This mapping is a one time job. GSTZen saves the mapping and will use it when you upload files later.

Invoice GST Rate Column Page

Important – In the section Fields for Invoice line item Tax rates, choose one of the two options

  1. Map only the GST Tax Rate % field (or)

  2. Map IGST Rate %, IGST Amount, CGST Rate %, CGST Amount, SGST Rate %, SGST Amount

Step 7 – Click upload.

The importer uploads the file and displays a summary.

Upload Summary Page

Click confirm and upload after verifying if the summary matches your excel data.

Upload Final Page

This completes the upload process.

Please read the article, To know how to Uploading your Sales and Purchase Credit/Debit Notes into GSTZen