GSTZen Chrome Extension

GSTZen Chrome Extension displays information about a Tax payer (GSTIN) such as Return filing status, GSTR 3B Summary, Electronic Ledger Balances; all in one console.

Note – The GSTZen Chrome Extension will only work while you are in the GST Government Portal.

Install GSTZen Chrome Extension

GSTZen Chrome Extension

  • Click on Add extension

Add GSTZen Chrome Extension

Information displayed on GSTZen Chrome Extension

The GSTZen Chrome Extension captures various information in it’s different tabs. This section explains what informatio is captured in each tab in the GSTZen Chrome Extension.


Details – The Details tab displays Legal information of the GSTN in this tab. Information such as Legal Name of the Business, Trade Name, Registration Date, Taxpayer Type etc.

GSTN Details

Directors – Name of the Proprietor/Director(s)/Partner(s)/Promoters(s) of the business.

GSTN Details

Business – This tab lists the Nature of the Business’s activities

GSTN Details

Return Filing Status

This tab displays the Filed Date and ARN of GSTR 1 and GSTR 3B.

GSTN Details

GSTR 3B Summary

Charts – The Chart tab displays 3 different Bar Graphs that displays the Monthly Turnover, Gross ITC Available, Gross ITC v/s Net ITC

  • You can Hover the mouse (Move the mouse) over any graph to view the specific values

GSTR 3B Monthly Turnover

  • To view Return Filing Status, GSTR 3B Summary and Ledger data from different financial years, please click on the Drop down menu on the top-right corner of the extension.

Choose Financial Year

  • You can also choose to Strike Out values you may not want to view as per your requirement

Strike Out

YTD Summary – The table displays a GSTR 3B year-to-date summary

GSTR 3B YTD Summary


This tab displays the Liability, Cash and Credit according to the Electronic Ledger Summary

Electronic Ledger Summary


The tab explains about the tool and Data Security GSTZen follows

GSTZen Chrome Extension Disclaimer

Frequently Asked Questions about the GSTZen Chrome Extension

  • Why is my GSTZen Chrome Extension showing a loading page?

GSTZen Chrome Extension Loading Page

Answer – This page occurs if there is a delay in gathering information from the government portal. This could happen if you are viewing details of the GSTN for the first time or if there is an issue with the government portal.

GST details will automatically appear in the GSTZen Chrome Extension once the loading is complete.

  • I’m getting a message – Kindly login to the Government Portal and view this screen again. What does this mean?

Not logged into GST portal

Answer – This means that you are not logged into the GST portal. Please login to the government portal and then view the page for GST information.