Central Tax Orders

CGST Order 02/2019

Title Appointment of common authority for the purpose of exercise of powers under sections 73,74, 75 and 76 of the CGST Act, 2017
Number 02/2019
Date 12-03-2019
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In exercise of the powers conferred by sub-section (1) of section (5) of the Central Goods and Services Tax Act, 2017 (12 of 2017), hereinafter referred to as the “said Act”, read with notification No. 02/2017 – Central Tax dated 19.06.2017, the Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs hereby assigns the case specified at Column (2) of the Table below to the Central Tax officer specified at Column (3) of the said Table for the purpose specified at Column (4) of the said Table.


S.No.Description of the caseCentral Tax Officer to whom the case is being assignedPurpose
1.Case that is being investigated by the office of Commissioner of Central Tax, Mumbai Central vide file bearing F.No.V/AE/MC/TFIII/LAOPL/142/2018 relating to taxpayers with following GSTINs:

  • i. 27AADCB1093N1ZG
  • ii. 27AAACP6317L1Z8
  • iii. 27AAJCM2232N1Z8
  • iv. 27AADCH4147D1ZU
  • v. 27AACCL6362P1ZX
  • vi. 27AABCW0381Q1ZU
  • vii. 27AADCH4138C1ZX
  • viii. 27AAFCR9092M1ZL
  • ix. 27AAECT2696Q1ZG
  • x. 27AAECG7528G1ZH
  • xi. 27AAFCG5520K1ZJ
  • xii. 27AAFCB8613G1ZP
  • xiii. 27AAGCK3701P1Z9
  • xiv. 27AAHCR6968G1ZT
  • xv. 27AAICM1771F1ZG
  • xvi. 27AADCS0967L1ZY
  • xvii. 27AAHCA0613R1ZH
  • xviii. 27AADCG1613M1ZN
  • xix. 27AAAFP8437A1ZG
  • xx. 27AAHCP3235G1ZH
  • xxi. 27AAACW8041N1ZW
  • xxii. 27AABCF2615C1Z7
  • Commissioner of Central Tax, Mumbai CentralExercise of powers under section 73, 74 , 75 and 76 of the said Act in respect of the taxpayers mentioned in Column (2)