We are hiring at GSTZen

February 23, 2021

About us

GSTZen provides user-friendly software for individuals, small businesses, tax consultants and large companies to manage their GST compliance needs. We have thousands of customers all across India and we are adding new customers each day. Here are a few numbers on how we are doing

  • 100s of simultaneous active users during business hours
  • 1,000s of reports downloaded each day
  • More than a million invoices processed each day

We are rapidly adding features to GSTZen based on changing needs and customer feedback. We are also working on pilot projects in allied areas in the Fintech space. We are excited about the opportunity ahead of us. You will have a fulfilling experience as an early employee in a growing company.

We are hiring for the following roles in Bangalore.

Customer Communications and Success Lead (1 position)

The position’s objective is to effectively communicate GSTZen’s offerings and capabilities to current and prospective users.

In this role, you will

  • Respond to support requests from customers over chat, email, and phone
  • Pro-actively reach out to customers over various channels to understand our gaps and their needs
  • Write blog posts and articles to better communicate with our users and prospective customers

To succeed in this role, you must have the following skills/traits

  • Relentless customer focus
  • Ability to understand the domain (GST), the strengths and limitations of GSTZen, the needs and constraints of our customers, and help our customers in a way beneficial to the customer and GSTZen
  • Sharp listener
  • Strong written (English) and verbal (English and Hindi) communication skills
  • Comfortable in Microsoft Excel
  • Above average Analytical skills

To apply, email your resume to hiring@gstzen.in with a cover letter indicating why you are interested in this position and why you will be a good fit.

Software Engineer (1 position) and Machine Learning Software Engineer (1 position)

GSTZen uses Python, Django, PostgreSQL, AWS Lambda, Typescript, ReactJS, Redux, Redux Sagas, Kaffe, OpenCV, and Tesseract. Our application is backend-heavy and that’s where our existing team’s strength lies. We are adding more and more interactive features that are frontend-heavy. We have lots of data feeding our Machine learning models and we are just now scratching the surface with lots of interesting technical work ahead.

As a software engineer you will

  • Design modules with an understanding and anticipation of future requirements and changes.
  • Write code and tests. We value tests a lot.
  • Review performance issues that may arise and optimize application logic and/or database queries.
  • Analyze user behavior and plan new features.
  • Analyze lots of data and tune Machine learning models/algorithms.

We are looking to hire someone who is

  • Strong in at least one programming language
  • Some experience with ML algorithms (for the Machine Learning Software Engineer role)
  • Has excellent written communication skills
  • Able to understand the bigger picture and prioritize
  • Meticulous in writing tests while adding new features
  • Good in debugging
  • A great team player

To apply, email your resume to hiring@gstzen.in with a cover letter and a solution to a screening question.