Advanced GSTR 2A reconciliation for filling ITC in GSTR 3B

Fill Input Tax Credit in GSTR 3B from GSTR 2A Invoices

Most used features

✔ Taxpayer Search for GSTR filed dates and GSTIN details

The Tax Payer search link will enable you to search for a Tax Payer's information using their GSTIN, PAN number, or Tax Payer Name. This link will give you the Tax Payer's Return filing status such as GSTR 3B filed date and GSTIN details. Click here

✔ GSTR-1 vs GSTR-2A vs GSTR-3B YTD Report (including GSTR-9)

GSTZen provides you with a comprehensive report in XLS format comparing GSTR-1, GSTR-2A, GSTR-3B returns as well as comparing against your Sales and Purchase Registers. To know how, Click here

✔ GSTR-2A Reconciliation with GSTZen

Reconcile your Purchase register with Government portal data with our Intelligent GSTR-2A Matcher. Read the article to know how to perform GSTR-2A Reconciliation. To know how, Click here

✔ GSTR-1 Returns filing with GSTZen

File your GSTR-1 returns with GSTZen. Upload your Invoices and catch errors before sending them to the Government Portal. See how to to file your GSTR-1 Returns here. To know how, Click here

✔ GSTR-9C Annual Return and Reconciliation

In this video we will go through the Live Demo of Filing GSTR-9C through GSTZen. Click here

✔ Form GSTR-9 - GST Annual Return

GSTZen auto populates your GSTR-9 details from your GSTR-1 and GSTR-3B Returns. To know more, Click here

✔ Seamless Tally Integration with GSTZen

This article describes how you can seamlessly upload your purchase register into GSTZen. Click here

✔ GST Billing and Invoicing

Prepare GST Invoices, print beautiful PDF and email your customers. To know how, Click here

✔ Generate E-Way Bill with GSTZen

Generate E-Way Bills using GSTZen software. To know how, Click here

✔ JSON to Excel Converters

Convert your JSON files to Excel using GSTZen’s converters. To know how to use the converters, how much it costs, how it works, Click here

The Nov 2019 GSTR-3B due date is Dec 20, 2019

With GSTZen, you can file your quickly upload your data and file your returns in a few easy steps.

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Sample Reports from GSTZen Software

GSTZen comes with high quality reports comparing data in your Books of Accounts with data present in the GST Government Portal. Download and take a look at samples of GSTZen's Reports.

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