Customize your GSTR-1 vs GSTR-2A vs GSTR-3B Report in Microsoft Excel and Upload it back into GSTZen

Before customizing GSTZen’s output here’s what you should know. GSTZen will provide an XLSX file with three data sheets. These data sheets are

1) Raw Data Consolidated – Contains information about the GSTIN number and Summary information from GSTR-1 and GSTR-3B Tax Returns for the financial year.

2) GSTR-1 By Customer – Contains summary information of GSTR-1 Invoices and Credit Notes by filing period and Customer.

3) GSTR-2A By Vendor – Contains summary information of GSTR-2A Invoices by filing period and Vendor.

These sheets are re-written every time you download the report from GSTZen for any GSTIN number. Do not touch these sheets. Any changes to the above mentioned sheets will be lost.

You can add your own sheets or modify other sheets present in GSTZen’s default template. You can use standard Excel formulas referring to the three data sheets mentioned above. You can use advanced Excel features such as Pivot Tables. Save your template and upload it back to GSTZen.

Example: In the image shown below, we are using a formula to refer to the Raw Data Consolidated sheet.

Consolidated Formula XLS Sheet

The image below shows you can upload your customized template file

Link to Consolidated template upload

Click Choose File and Click Upload Consolidated Report Template

Consolidated template upload page

GSTZen’s reports for all your clients now come with your customization!