[See rule 142(7)]

Reference No.:                                                                                                         Date:

    Summary of Rectification /withdrawal Order

2. Your application for rectification of the order referred to above been examined

3. It has come to my notice that the above said order requires rectification (Reason for rectification as per attached annexure)

4. The order referred to above (issued under section 129) requires to be withdrawn

5. Description of goods /services (if applicable):

6. Section of the Act under which demand is created:

7. Details of demand, if any, after rectification :

(Amount in Rs.)

You are hereby directed to make the payment by <Date> failing which proceedings shall be initiated against you to recover the outstanding dues.







_______________ (GSTIN/ID)

_______________ Name

_______________ (Address)

Note —

1.  Only applicable fields may be filled up.

2.  Column nos. 2, 3, 4 and 5 of the Table at serial no. 7 i. e. tax rate, turnover and tax period are not mandatory.

3.  Place of Supply (POS) details shall be required only if the demand is created under the IGST Act.

4.  Demand table at serial no. 7 shall not be filled up if an order issued under section 129 is being withdrawn.]2


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