Form GST PMT–02

Electronic Credit Ledger of Registered Person

(To be maintained at the Common Portal)


Name (Legal) –

Trade name, if any –

Period – From ——- To ——– (dd/mm/yyyy)

Act – Central Tax/State Tax/UT Tax/Integrated Tax/CESS /All

PMT-02 Table-1

Balance of Provisional credit

PMT-02 Table-2

Mismatch credit (other than reversed)

PMT-02 Table-3


  1. All type of credits as per return, credit on account of merger, credit due on account of pre-registration inputs, etc., credit due to opting out from composition scheme, transition etc. will be recorded in the credit ledger.
  2. Description will include sources of credit (GSTR-3, GSTR-6 etc.) and utilisation thereof towards liability related to return or demand etc.Refund claimed from the ledger will be debited and if the claim is rejected, then it will be credited back to the ledger to the extent of rejection.