[See rule 92(3)]

Notice for rejection of application for refund

SCN No.:                                                                                                                                                      Date:



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ARN…………..                                                                                                               Dated ……….. <DD/MM/YYYY>……

This has reference to your above mentioned application for refund, filed under section 54 of the Act. On examination, it appears that refund application is liable to be rejected on account of the following reasons:

You are hereby called upon to show cause as to why your refund claim, to the extent of the amount specified above, should not be rejected for reasons stated above.

You are hereby directed to furnish a reply to this notice within fifteen days from the date of service of this notice.

You are also directed to appear before the undersigned on DD/MM/YYYY at HH/MM. If you fail to furnish a reply within the stipulated date or fail to appear for personal hearing on the appointed date and time, the case will be decided ex parte on the basis of available records and on merits.

Date:                                                                                                                                                            Signature (DSC):

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