Permissions Management

This video explains Permissions in GST Zen. You will see how to assign different users to different business entities and control what rights they have. Some parts of this video are shown from an administrator’s login, while some are from a new user’s login.

Let us now view as an administrator.

The link to Permissions management is available in the top right corner of every page. The management page shows the list of PAN numbers as well as the list of users in our GST Zen portal. To invite a new user, click on the “Invite User” button. How to invite users is shown in another video.

We see 5 PAN numbers in our portal. Let us look at one of them. The management page shows users for this PAN number and their Roles. The three roles configured in GST Zen are Filer, Writer, and Reader. A Filer can sign and file Tax returns for this PAN. A Writer can prepare invoices, record payment, and make other changes. A Reader can view all pages but cannot change any data.

Let us see what happens when a new user accesses our portal. The user will not have any permissions and they will see an error page. This page also shows them the admin’s details.

As administrator, let us grant them permissions. We click on the “Add Role to User” button, select the name of user, and then select their role. In this example, they will only be able to Read information and not change any data on our portal.

Now, back to the user’s account. We can see that they are now able to access the page.