Tracking GST Returns with one click

If you are a tax consultant managing return filing for a lot of client, GSTZen’s returns dashboard is very useful. The home page provides links to all your client’s recent tax returns. The page also shows tax returns for all clients along with color-coded filing status.

The GSTR3B return is to be filed every month. GSTR1 filing is monthly for some clients and quarterly for others. GSTZen’s dashboard handles these differences and shows the applicable returns for each client.

Upcoming returns are shown in blue. Returns that are overdue are shown in red. Returns filed in time are shown in green. Returns filed late are shown in Yellow.

Let’s get the latest return filing details for a tax payer. Open the page for the GSTIN. In this page, you will see a table showing all tax returns for this GSTIN. Click on the “Update now” button. In one to two seconds, GSTZen will download the latest details from the Government Portal and update your dashboard.