Multiple Verticals

Q1. I have multiple verticals as per the GST law but only one registration is migrated in GST. When I will get my registrations for other verticals.

Multiple Business vertical in a state can be registered separately under GST. Accordingly, separate Provisional IDs have been generated and furnished for such entities based on the data provided by the States/Central Authorities. However, the business entities who have not received separate Provisional ID for different business verticals and have not yet migrated at GST Portal, may obtain registration through new Registration process, which has been started from 25th June, 2017.

Q2. Can I use same email, mobile and PAN combination for other verticals?

The combination of registered e-mail ID and Mobile Number of each registered business entity should be unique. You cannot use same email and mobile combination for the same PAN but different business verticals. You have to change at least one of the two.

Q3. Do I need to fill all information again while applying for the multiple verticals?

Yes, the details need to be filled again. Auto-population functionality for common fields against same PAN i.e. Legal Name, Constitution, Promoters and Partners details has not been enabled so far. It is advisable to fill same information for above fields for all registrations against the same PAN.