Change email address registered with GSTZen – FAQ


Can I change my email address in my GSTZen account?

Every GSTZen account is tied to the email address used to create the account. Hence, changing the email isn’t a viable option.

Can I delete the GSTZen account?

You may de-activate the account. Once the account is de-activated, you will no longer be able to log in to that GSTZen account. If you wish to activate the account again, please contact GSTZen support.

How do I de-activate the user?

  • Login to your GSTZen account and click on your name in the top-right corner. Click on Manage Permissions

Manage permissons

  • GSTZen will list out all users under your account. Click on the Settings button towards the left of the username and choose Deactivate User
  • On the confirmation page, click on Deactivate User Account

Deactivate user


I no longer use the email address registered with GSTZen. Do I need to create a new GSTZen account?

Not necessary. From your GSTZen account please send an Invite to your new email address. Using the invite link, sign-up to GSTZen. This process will add the new email address as a user in the same account. You will now be able to access your GSTZen account with the new email address.

How can I send an Invite from GSTZen?

For instructions on how to invite a user into your GSTZen account, please see the article – Invite User to your GSTZen account

I’m the admin of the GSTZen account. I’m no longer work in the organization. How can I transfer admin rights to the new user?

You may provide admin access to different user(s) before your email address is deactivated from GSTZen. On the permissions management page, right-click on the username and click on Make Admin. This will make the other user admins as well. You may provide admin access to multiple users if need be.