Create a B2B Sales Invoice

In this video, we’ll see how to create a B2B sales invoice.

Starting at a GST Taxpayer’s page, you’ll find a link to the Sales Invoices page. There is only one entry in the page right now. To create the invoice, click on “New B2B Sales Invoice” and specify its details.

First, provide the supplier. Next, choose the invoice type. GST Zen will calculate tax as applicable. The invoice number is automatically set. You can change it if needed.

Now specify the invoice date and the “Bill To” party for the invoice. If the supply is made to a different state than the “Bill To” party, enter the “Place of Supply”. If needed, provide other optional fields: namely the consignee, transporter and e-commerce operator. You can also specify any notes to add to the Invoice PDF.

Save the Invoice and views its details. To add line items to the Invoice, click the “Edit Line Items” button.

In this page, specify the product, unit rate, and quantity for all items in the Invoice. After saving the entries, you will see that the tax amounts and the invoice value are calculated.

The Invoice is available for you in PDF format to print and send to your customer.