Downloading GSTR4 Offline Tool

Downloading the GSTR4 Offline Tool is a one-time activity, however, it may require an update in future if the Tool is updated at the GST Portal. Please check the version of the offline Tool used by you with the one available for download on the GST Portal at regular intervals.

To download and install the GSTR4 Offline Tool to prepare the GSTR4 return offline, perform the following steps:

You can download the GSTR4 Offline Tool from the Portal without login to the GST Portal.

1) Access the URL.

2) The GST Home page is displayed. Click the Downloads > Offline tools > GSTR4 Offline Tool.

Downlaod GSTR4 Image 1

3) GSTR4 Downloads page opens up. Click Download.

Downlaod GSTR4 Image 2

4) The GSTR4 Offline Tool is downloaded in Downloads folder.

The download of the GSTR4 Offline Tool usually takes 2-3 minutes to download depending on the Internet speed.

Downlaod GSTR4 Image 3

5) Before you Unzip and open the GSTR-4 offline tool, ensure that file is not corrupted

To test if the file is corrupted or not, Match one of the values provided in your downloaded file with the ones mentioned under Downloads of GSTR-4. If there is an exact match, then your file is not corrupted. Else, download again. To find the values provided in your downloaded file follow steps below:

a. Open Windows PowerShell, To Start Windows PowerShell, use the Search box on the Start menu, and type PowerShell. Click Windows PowerShell. Downlaod GSTR4 Image 4

b. Window PowerShell opens.

Downlaod GSTR4 Image 5

c. Provide the command in below format and enter. Command: Get-FileHash <> Algorithm <> e.g. Get-FileHash C:\Users\Test\Downloads\ -Algorithm SHA256

Downlaod GSTR4 Image 6

d. Compare the Hash value that you have received with the hash value provided in GSTR_4_Offline_Utility downloads page.

Downlaod GSTR4 Image 7

e. If the hash value matches, unzip the downloaded folder.

Downlaod GSTR4 Image 8