Filing GSTR 9C Annual Return using GSTZen


GSTR 9C applicability

The GST Council decided in their 37th meeting that FORM GSTR 9C is required only for entities (PAN Number) with annual aggregate turnover above Rupees 5 Crores.

Steps to file GSTR 9C Using GSTZen

  • Download taxpayer’s GSTR 9 data as filed in the Government Portal

  • Fill GSTR 9C Form Reconciliation Statement (Part-A) and Auditor Certification (Part-B)

  • Validate GSTR 9C details by uploading to the Government Portal

  • Apply Auditor’s Digital Signature

  • Upload PDF of supporting documents (PDF format)

  • Upload GSTR 9C Return to the Government Portal, apply Taxpayer’s Digital Signature, and file the return

GSTZen will help you in filing your GSTR 9C smoothly without having to visit the government portal.

If you are stuck on any of the steps, click on the Help articles on the right pane for assistance.

Take a look at our demo video on how to file your GSTR 9C using GSTZen.