Generation of Invoice Reference Number

This form was made and amended vide the following notifications
Central Tax Notification No. 02/2020 (dated 01st January 2020)

GST Invoice

GST Invoice

1 “Note: Cardinality Means occurance of field in the schema. Below are the the meaning of various symbol used in this column:

0..1 : It means this item is optional and even if mentioned can not be repeated

1..1: It means that this item is mandatory and can be mentioned only once.

1..n: It means this item is mandatory and can be repeated more than once

0..n: It means this item is optional but can be repated many times. For example: Previous invoice reference is optional but if required one can mention many previous invoice reference.

Form INV-1 Table-1Form INV-1 Table-2Form INV-1 Table-3Form INV-1 Table-4Form INV-1 Table-5Form INV-1 Table-6Form INV-1 Table-7Form INV-1 Table-8Form INV-1 Table-9Form INV-1 Table-10Form INV-1 Table-11Form INV-1 Table-12Form INV-1 Table-13Form INV-1 Table-14Form INV-1 Table-15Form INV-1 Table-16Form INV-1 Table-17Form INV-1 Table-18Form INV-1 Table-19Form INV-1 Table-20Form INV-1 Table-21Form INV-1 Table-22Form INV-1 Table-23

1 Substituted in Central Goods and Services Tax (Amendment) Rules, 2020. vide Notification No.02/2020 Central Tax (dated 01st January, 2020)