Form GST REG-14

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Application for Amendment in Registration Particulars

REG-14-Table-1a REG-14-Table-1b

Instructions for submission of application for amendment

1) Application for amendment shall be submitted online.

2) Changes relating to – Name of Business, Principal Place of Business, additional place(s) of business and details of partners or directors, karta, Managing Committee, Board of Trustees, Chief Executive Officer or equivalent, responsible for day to day affairs of the business which does not warrant cancellation of registration, are core fields which shall be approved by the Proper Officer after due verification.

3) For amendment in Non-Core fields, approval of the Proper Officer is not required.

4) Where a change in the constitution of any business results in change of the Permanent Account Number of a registered person, the said person shall be required to apply for fresh registration.

5) Any change in the mobile number or the e-mail address of authorised signatory as amended from time to time, shall be carried out only after online verification through the common portal.

6) All information related to Permanent Account Number, Aadhaar, Director Identification Number, Challan Identification Number shall be validatedonline by the system and ApplicationReference Number (ARN) will be generated after successful validation of necessary field.

7) Status of the application can be tracked on the common portal.

8) No fee is payable for submitting application for amendment.

9) Authorised signatory shall not be a minor