How to register for E-way bill through E-way bill portal

GST way bill new registration

E-way bill registration is a simple process a registered GST tax payer has to complete to be able to generate e-way bills. Only the tax payers registered on e-way bill portal can generate e-way bills.

Link to the e-way bill portal

E-way bill Portal

E-way bill portal is the one-stop government website for e-way bill registration, generate e-way bill online and e-way bill resources.

E-Way bill portal

Once on the portal, click Registration drop down menu to view the following options:

  1. e-way bill registration – E-way bill register for GST Tax payers (suppliers and recipients)

  2. Enrolment for Transporters – Unregistered transporters can enroll for e-way bill

  3. Enrolment for citizens – Non-taxpaying stakeholders can register here

Note – Enrolment is done for unregistered stakeholders while registration can be done by GST registered businesses.

E-way bill registration procedure

E-way bill registration online for registered businesses

  • Have the GSTIN and Mobile No. registered with the GST portal handy

  • Log on to

  • Click on E-way Bill Registration

  • Enter GSTIN and click on Go

  • Once the request is submitted, you will be redirected to the e-way bill registration form

  • In the form, Applicant Name, Trade Name, Address and Mobile Number are auto-populated

E-Way Bill Form

  • Click on Send OTP. You will now receive an OTP on the registered mobile number

  • Once you receive the OTP, enter the OTP in the system and click on Verify OTP. This action will validate OTP and verify the entered information

  • Provide a User ID or User Name, in order to operate the newly created account on the e-way bill portal

Note – The username should include about 8 to 15 alphanumeric characters and can include special characters as well.

  • Once a request is submitted, the e-way bill portal will validate if the given User ID or User Name already exists

  • Once the e-way bill approves the User ID or User Name, provide a Password.

Note – The password will need to have a minimum of 8 characters, which could include alphanumeric and special characters. Also, the Password is case-sensitive.

  • Once both User ID / User Name and Password are validated and approved, the final registration request is submitted.

Note – Should there be an error, a pop up with the error message will appear.

  • If all is fine, the system will create User ID / User Name and Password and complete registration process with the e-way bill portal.

E-way bill registration online for unregistered businesses

Since an unregistered taxpayer does not have a GSTIN, to register for e-way bill on the portal, they would need to use an alternative method of e-way bill registration, i.e. utilizing the business details.

Steps for unregistered transporters to register for e-way bill are as follows:

Step 1 – Keep the business details handy and Log on to

Step 2 – Click on Enrolment for Transporters

Step 3 – This will launch an e-way bill registration form. The form contains some Compulsory fields will be (marked as *) and some non-compulsory fields. You will be requested to fill in the following business details in the form:

E-Way Bill unregistered transporter form

  • Select your State* (Select from a drop-down menu)

  • Legal Name* (Enter Name as per PAN)

  • Trade Name, if any

  • PAN* – After entering the PAN No., click on Validate. You will now receive an option to fill in the remaining details

  • Type of Enrolment* (Warehouse/Depot, Godown, Cold Storage OR Transport Services)

  • Constitution of Business* (Foreign Company, Partnership, Proprietorship, Public Limited, Private Limited, Unlimited OR Others)

  • Particulars of Principal Place of Business

E-Way Bill unregistered form

Particulars of Principal Place of Business and Contact Information

  • Building No. / Flat No.*

  • Floor No.*

  • Name of the Premises / Building*

  • Road / Street*

  • City / Town / Locality / Village*

  • Taluka / Block*

  • District*

  • PIN Code*

  • State*

  • Latitude

  • Longitude

E-Way Bill register 5

  • Email Address

  • Telephone Number with STD

  • Fax Number with STD

  • Nature of Premises (Own, Leased, Rented, Consent, Shared OR Others)

Note – The email address and mobile number will be used for authentication in the e-way bill portal

Aadhar card information

  • Do you have Aadhar number of Proprietor or Main person of Company / Firm (Select Yes (OR No)

  • If “Yes” is selected, tick a box authorising the GSTN to obtain one’s details from UIDAI for the purpose of verification

  • Aadhar No* (Prop. or Main person of Company / Firm)

  • Name*(As per Aadhar)

  • Mobile No* (As per Aadhar)

  • Click on Verify Detail & Send OTP button, post which an OTP will be sent to the registered mobile number

  • Verify OTP Received from Aadhar*

  • Once the OTP is entered, click on Verify OTP button, which will complete the Aadhar verification process

E-Way Bill register Form


  • Address Proof – Click Choose file to browse and then click Upload

  • ID Proof – Click on Choose file to browse and then click Upload

Note – There is no specific file format or file size specified, however either PDF or JPEG can be uploaded

Login Details

  • User Name*

  • Password*

  • Confirm Password*


Tick the checkbox confirming that informed provided are correct

  • Click on Save

Step 4 – Once you submit the form, the e-way bill portal will generate a 15 digit Transporter ID or TRANS ID along with the user credentials, thus completing the process of e-way bill registration

Step 5 – Now the transporter can provide this 15 digit Transporter ID to their clients to include in their e-way bill. The transporter will now be able to access the same on the e-way bill portal and enter vehicle number for movement of the consignment.

GSTZen also has a tool to generate e-way bill using SMS method. Generate a new E-Way Bill

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