Steps to Delete Purchase Invoices from GSTZen

You can easily delete purchase invoices from GSTZen through less than 3 simple steps. This video and step by step instructions explains the procedure to delete your Purchase Invoices from GSTZen server.

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  • Click on Purchase Invoices

Purchase Invoices

View all Purchase Invoices uploaded to GSTZen

  • Option 1 Delete Invoices in Page

This option will delete all Purchase Invoices in the current page.

Delete Invoices in  Page

Delete all Invoices shown in the current page

  • Option 2 Delete all Filtered Invoices

You can filter Invoices as per your requirement and delete specific Invoices.

Delete all Filtered Invoices

Delete all Filtered Invoices

  • Step 1 – Click on Show/Hide

Show and Hide filter

Show Filter options for Invoice

  • Step 2 – You can Search and Filter according to your requirement and click on Find results

Filer Invoice results

Filter Invoices according to your requirement

  • Step 3 – Click on Delete all Filtered Invoices

Delete Filtered Invoices

Delete Filtered Invoices