Uploading your Sales and Purchase Credit/Debit Notes into GSTZen

Note – Invoices(Sales/Purchase) should be uploaded before uploading Credit/Debit notes.

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STEP 1 – From a GST Taxpayer’s dashboard, click on Invoices(Sales/Purchase) Credit/Debit Notes.

Link to Sales and Purchase Credit/Debit Note

STEP 2 – Click on the Upload Credit/Debit Notes XLS button

Upload credit/debit note Button

STEP 3 – Drag and drop your Excel file with Credit/Debit notes or click on the box to choose file.

Upload credit/debit note page

STEP 4 – Click on Upload Credit and Debit notes XLS file to import your file.

Upload credit/debit note page with file

STEP 5 – Choose Sheet

In this page, you will see the sheets present in the Excel workbook which you uploaded. Choose the sheet you want to upload by clicking on Use this sheet.

Choose Sheet page

STEP 6 – Column Mapping

This page shows columns present in your XLS file.

Credit/Debit Note Column Mapping columns

You must map the columns in your file to fields needed by GSTZen.

Credit/Debit Note Column Mapping Invoice fields

IMPORTANT: Use only Method 1 or Method 2. Do not use both.

You can map the column for GST Tax Rate (in which case GSTZen will calculate IGST, CGST, and SGST amounts).

Credit/Debit Note Column Mapping Method 1

Or, you can provide columns for IGST, CGST, SGST Rates and Amounts.

Credit/Debit Note Column Mapping Method 2

STEP 7 – Importing the Data

GSTZen will process your file and start importing the data.

Importing Credit/Debit notes

STEP 8 – List of Credit/Debit Notes

You can view your uploaded Credit/Debit Notes on GSTZen.

List os Sales Credit/Debit Notes