1) This section contains all the table wise reporting

2) Table 1 & 2 : Auto populated

GSTR-7 Table 1

3) Details of the tax deducted at source: Information to be supplied of all deducted

  • a. GSTIN of the deductee,
  • b. total amount and
  • c. TDS amount(Central/state/integrated.)

GSTR-7 Table 3

4) Amendments to details of tax deducted at source in respect of any earlier tax period: As available in the amendment tables of the regular returns, any correction to the data submitted in the return of previous months can be done in this table. Corrections this table would ament the TDS certificate (GSTR-7A).

GSTR-7 Table 4

5) TDS Payment details: Details of the tax (integrated/central/state) amount deducted from the deductee and the tax (integrated/central/state) amount paid to the government.

GSTR-7 Table 5

6) Interest, late Fee payable and paid: If there is any interest fees or late fees applicable on TDS amount, you must mention the details of such interest and late fees payable along with the amount paid till date.

GSTR-7 Table 6

7) Refund of Balance in Electronic cash ledger: Erroneous Excess payment of taxes can be claim as refund.

GSTR-7 Table 7

8) Debit entries in electronic cash ledger for TDS/interest payment (to be populated after payment of tax and submissions of return):

GSTR-7 Table 8