Viewing and Taking Actions on NOTICES Tabs

1. What happens on the GST Portal if a Notice is issued by the Enforcement Officer?

Following actions take place on the GST Portal once a Notice is issued by an Enforcement Officer:

  • An intimation of the issued Notice is sent to the Taxpayer on his/her registered email ID and mobile number.

  • Issued Notice is updated on the dashboard of the taxpayer, concerned tax Official and Enforcement Officer.

  • Taxpayer can view the issued Notice from the following navigation: Services > User Services > View Additional Notices/Orders > View > Case Details.> NOTICES

Note: In case Third Party is the Recipient of the Notice, the Notice will be sent to them via post or special messenger. No other intimation will be sent to them.

2. In case a Notice is issued to the third party, can the Taxpayer view it on his/her dashboard?

No, in case a Notice is issued to the third party, the Taxpayer cannot view it on his/her dashboard.