Year-to-date Consolidated GST Reports with GSTZen

16 May 2018

What is the need for a Consolidated Year-to-Date Report?

In the technology-enabled GST Regime, the Government is already talking about applying data analytics to compare GSTR-1 Sales returns and GSTR-2A Purchase returns with data reported in GSTR-3B Returns. Also, the Government intends to compare Income Tax Returns (Direct Taxes) with GST Returns (Indirect Taxes).

It is useful for every tax payer to have a year-to-date summary of their various GST Returns and monitor them for inconsistencies and take corrective action sooner, rather than later.

Here are screen shots of the GSTR-1 and GSTR-3B consolidated reports.

GSTR-1 Consolidated ReportGSTR-1 Consolidated Report

GSTR-3B Consolidated ReportGSTR-3B Consolidated Report

How to Download Consolidated Year-to-Date reports using GSTZen?

The video below explains the various steps to Download Consolidated Year-to-Date reports using GSTZen

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