Year-to-date Consolidated GST Reports with GSTZen

16 May 2018

Need for a Consolidated Year-to-Date Report?

In the technology-enabled GST Regime, the Government is already talking about applying data analytics to compare GSTR-1 Sales returns and GSTR-2A Purchase returns with data reported in GSTR-3B Returns. Also, the Government intends to compare Income Tax Returns (Direct Taxes) with GST Returns (Indirect Taxes).

It is useful for every tax payer to have a year-to-date summary of their various GST Returns and monitor them for inconsistencies and take corrective action sooner, rather than later.

Here are screen shots of the GSTR-1 and GSTR-3B consolidated reports.

GSTR-1 Consolidated ReportGSTR-1 Consolidated Report

GSTR-3B Consolidated ReportGSTR-3B Consolidated Report

How to Download Consolidated Year-to-Date reports using GSTZen?

The video below explains the various steps to Download Consolidated Year-to-Date reports using GSTZen

What is the cost of generating the report?

For a taxpayer with less than 200 Invoices per month, the cost of the report for 2017-18 is Rs. 45 (Rupees Forty Five). GSTZen charges you for data transfer to and from the government portal. The cost per data transfer is Rs 1.25. The number of data transfers needed to get data for a month is 4 (1 call for GSTR-1 Summary, 1 call for GSTR-3B Summary, 1 call for GSTR-2A Invoices, and 1 call for GSTR-2A Credit/Debit Notes). The number of data transfer for the year 2017-18 is 9 months x 4 per month = 36 data transfers.

If you want to generate the report only for a particular quarter, the cost will be Rs 15 (Rupees Fifteen).

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