Your Books vs GSTR-1 Reconciliation with GSTZen

STEP 1 - Sign up with GSTZen

How to Sign up with GSTZen

STEP 2 - Login to GSTZen

How to Login to GSTZen

STEP 3 - Add a GSTIN in GSTZen

Click here - How to add a GSTIN to be managed by GSTZen for video presentation

Click on New GSTIN

Enter GSTIN image

Enter GSTIN and Save GSTIN

Click on the GSTIN you added and you will enter the software.

GSTZen GSTIN detail Image

Now click on “New Feature Take a look at GSTZen's Consolidated Year-to-date Reports, click here for 2017-18 or click here 2018-19”

Consolidated link feature

You will be redirected to the Consolidated Report page.

Consolidated Report Image

STEP 4 - Upload your Sales Invoices and Credit/Debit Notes

Provide GSTZen with information about Sales Invoices, Credit and Debit Notes, and Advances paid to suppliers. You can upload them easily using XLS files. GSTZen importer is flexible and can work with data from any accounting software.

Upload Sales Invoices and Credit/Debit Notes

TIP :How to Bulk Upload Sales invoices

Upload Sales Invoices Button

TIP :How to Bulk Upload Sales and Purchase Credit/Debit Notes

Upload credit/debit notes Button

STEP 5 - Enable API Access for that GSTIN in the Government Portal

Login to the Government portal and Download your Sales invoices, Credit and Debit notes into GSTZen.

TIP :How to Enable API on Government Portal

How to download GSTR-1 data from government portal ?

The image below is seen when the user hasn't logged in to Government portal. Months of April and May, there is no data available in the Government portal for download (all sections). June and July has data which has already been downloaded (all sections). August till December, data is available and is yet to be downloaded (all sections). Hence, to download all these data, first step would be to Login to the Government portal

Legend image

GSTR-1 Sections before download

STEP 6 - Login to GST Government Portal using OTP

After enabling API access, Click on Login to GST Government Portal with OTP.

Login GST govt portal image

Enter GST portal user name and generate OTP.

GST Portal login page

Enter the OTP received on your registered mobile or Email ID to enable API for downloading data from the Government portal to GSTZen

STEP 7 - Download GSTZen’s GSTR-1 Report

Now click on the checkboxes for GSTR 1 invoices and credit debit note month wise.

Note : To download the GSTR-1 invoice level sections like B2B, B2C etc, you must download GSTR-1 Return Summary first.

Legend image

Once, we login to the Government portal, the Checkbox becomes visible for downloading the Summary (GSTR-1, GSTR-3B and GSTR-2A Sections). Please proceed to download the Summary level details of GSTR-1 for months applicable. For eg., as seen in the image below, there is no data available for the months of April and May. June, July and August summary is available but has already been downloaded. Summary data for the months September to December is available but NOT DOWNLOADED. So select the Checkboxes for the same and click on Download from Government portal.

Note - If you want to update the already downloaded data for months with Green tick mark, you can download.

GSTR-1 Summary Section

On downloading the Summary, the other sections (B2B invoices, B2CS invoices, B2CL invoices, etc) which have data available on the Government portal becomes available for download. You can select the checkbox for which even section you want to download and proceed to do the same. Sections where the data is not available in the Government portal, no checkbox is seen. Data for sections which has already been downloaded shows a Green Tick mark. Sections which has data available on Government portal but NOT DOWNLOADED will be seen with a Yellow dot in a circle. You can select the corresponding Checkbox below and download the same from the Government portal.

GSTR-1 Sections after download

Click Download from Government portal. This will download your Government portal data into GSTZen. In one to two minutes, you will see a green tick mark and the time when the data was downloaded.

Setions download button

STEP 8 - Run GSTR-1 Intelligent Matcher

Click on RUN GSTR 1 Sales Details Matcher. GSTZen's intelligent matching logic gets to work. This will generate a report in XLS format.

Run GSTR-1 details matcher

STEP 9 - Download the Report and Review

Now click on either month wise or year wise XLS in the given table to download the Invoice-level reconciliation of your Sales Register against GSTR-1 report.

Month Wise Report

Download GSTR-1 reconciliation Month wise XLS report

Year Wise Report

Download GSTR-1 reconciliation XLS report

GSTZen classifies Invoices into four groups. Invoices present in GSTZen but not uploaded to the Government portal by our supplier, shown in Yellow. Invoices uploaded to the Government portal, but missing in GST Zen, shown in Blue. Mismatched Invoices where amounts in your purchase register and the Government portal are different, shown in Red. Finally, matched Invoices, shown in Green.

Review the report. The report shows all Invoices and compares your sales register tax amounts with the amounts in the Government portal. This is a regular Excel file. You can sort, filter, and analyze this report. This being Excel, we can copy paste the action for multiple Invoices.

If you are a Tax Consultant, you can upload Invoices for multiple clients (GSTINs) in bulk using GSTZen. Signup now.