GSTR 1 Reconciliation with GSTZen


Looking for GST Reconciliation software? GSTZen’s reconciliation matcher has got you covered. With options to upload your sales invoices through Excel and Tally, GSTZen’s GSTR 1 reconciliation tool will automatically match your sales invoices with GSTR 1 data from the GST portal.


How to reconcile GSTR 1 with Books through GSTZen


Through GSTZen, reconcile your GSTR 1 with books in 4 simple steps:

  1. Download GSTR 1 data from the government portal into GSTZen
  2. Upload your Sales Invoices and Credit/Debit Notes
  3. Run GSTZen Reconciliation Matcher
  4. Download the Reconciliation report


Download GSTR 1 data from the government portal into GSTZen

  • Once you log in to GSTZen and choose the GST number you want to reconcile, scroll down to the Quick Actions Menu and click on Reconcile Books vs Govt. Portal Data
  • Click on Sales Register vs GSTR 1 and choose the FY

GSTR 1 reconciliation FY

  • Login to the government portal using your GST login credentials
  • You may now choose the period you want to download the data for and click on Download from Government Portal

Download GSTR 1

  • Here is how you may determine the download status. Once you see that all data points have a Green Tick mark, you may proceed to the next step

Download ledger


Upload your Sales Invoices and Credit/Debit Notes

  • To upload your sales data into GSTZen, please click on Upload Sales Invoices XLS

Upload sales data

  • You may either choose GSTZen’s excel sample to upload the invoices or use your excel file with invoice and credit/debit note data
  • Once you upload the excel file, choose the appropriate XLS data format and click on Upload Sales Invoice XLS File

Upload sales invoices

  • If the excel file has multiple sheets, you will be prompted to choose the sheet with the data. Click on Use this Sheet against the sheet with invoice data

Choose excel sheet

  • You will now be required to map columns in your excel sheet into GSTZen. All mandatory fields are marked in red asterisk.
  • Click on Process file upload once the column mapping is complete

Column mapping

  • GSTZen will process the invoices and provide a summary. Click on Confirm and Save entries once you verify the summary. Once the invoices are uploaded, you will be able to view them in your GSTZen Sales Register.

You may also upload your sales invoices through Tally. For instructions, please see – Tally Sales Integration – GSTR 1 Reconciliation


Run GSTZen Reconciliation Matcher

GSTZen Reconciliation Matcher will match fields such as Invoice Number, Invoice Date, GST Number, Invoice Price, etc to make the best possible match. GSTZen gives you results relevant to each field or basis of matching.

  • Click on Run Sales Details Matcher and choose the Maximum Days Difference and Maximum Tax Amount Difference according to your business. Click on Run Intelligent Matcher

Run reconciliation matcher

  • Once the software gives you a notification that the matcher has run, you will see an option to download the reports. Click on Download Reports


Download the Reconciliation report

  • You may now scroll down to the Step 4 section and download the excel report. You get to choose the reconciliation report based on the Invoice Date, Record Date, and Filing Period

To know more about the difference between these reports, please read – Difference between Invoice Date, Record Date, and Filing period