Download GSTR 1 (E-Invoices) through GSTZen


The details of e-Invoices generated by the taxpayers (e-Invoice data) have been auto-populated from Dec 2020 GSTR 1. GST Portal provides the users the option to download all the e-invoice generated for the month including the ones which do not get auto-populated in GSTR 1. To download the e-invoices, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Click on the GST No for which you want to download the GSTR 1 (E-Invoices)

GSTZen GSTIN detail Image


Step 2: From the Quick Actions Menu, click on Download a report, then select GSTR 1 (E-Invoices) and the relevant period.

E-invoice tab

Step 3: Log into the GST Portal through OTP

Login with OTP

Step 4: Click on the Check Boxes for the data you want to download and click on Download data from the Government Portal

Download einvoices

Step 5: After successful download of the data from the Government Portal as indicated by the Green ticks, you can download either monthly or yearly report

Download Reports

If you face any problems while downloading, refer to the FAQ Section