Download GSTR 3B through GSTZen

GSTR 3B is a monthly return form taxpayers have to file irrespective of their returns. GSTN mandated GSTR 3B return filing for all taxpayers including Nil returns. You can directly download the GSTR 3B in an excel after downloading the data from the GST Portal into GSTZen by following the step below-

Step 1: Click on the GST No for which you want to download the GSTR 3B

Select GSTIN


Step 2: From the Quick Actions Menu, click on Download a report, then select GSTR 3B and the relevant period.

Download GSTR 3B

Step 3: Log into the GST Portal, either through OTP or Username and Password

Log in for GSTR 3B

Step 4: Click on the Check Boxes for the data you want to download and click on Download data from the Government Portal

Download GSTR 3B JSON

Step 5: After successful download of the data from the Government Portal as indicated by the Green ticks, you can download the yearly/up to date GSTR 3B Report

Download 3B report


If you face any problems while downloading, refer to the FAQ Section