E-Invoice Integration for Tally Prime

GSTZen has developed comprehensive and simple solutions that will help you create e-Invoices through an Excel connector or your ERP.

With GSTZen’s End-to-End Integration, you can create e-Invoices, E-Way bills and also monitor data with our extensive reconciliation and reports.

This article explains in detail, how you can create an e-Invoice using GSTZen’s Tally Integration.

GSTZen E-Invoicing Integrations

GSTZen supports a variety of methods through which you may generate e-Invoices:

  • GSTZen Billing application – You may directly punch-in invoices in GSTZen’s e-Invoice Billing Application

  • e-Invoice Excel Connector – Import invoices from Excel

  • Custom ERPs – Should you have a custom or in-house ERP in your organization, GSTZen will fetch invoices directly from your database and create E-Invoices

  • GSTZen will also be able to integrate with popular ERPs such as Tally, SAP, Oracle, Microsoft NAV/Dynamics and fetch your invoices directly from your current ERP to create e-Invoices

E-Invoicing portal account

Kindly register your GST number at the e-Invoicing portal and obtain a Username, Password, Client ID, and Client Secret. These credentials are essential to creating an e-Invoice.

Please refer to the article on How to create E-Invoicing portal account for information on creating an account with the e-Invoicing portal.

You may also watch our instructional video to understand how to create an account with the e-Invoicing portal.

GSTZen Tally Prime Integration

Creating e-Invoice

  • Under the Gateway of Tally sidebar, click on GSTZen-Prime.

Tally Prime

  • Click on B2B e-Invoice.

B2B E-Invoice

  • Click on e-Invoice Register.

E-Invoice Register

  • Choose the date range to view all vouchers created.

Choose date range

Note: Invoices are color coded so that you may easily analyse the invoice status.

  • Green – Both e-Invoice and E-Way bill are created.

  • Blue – e-Invoice is generated; E-Way bill is pending creation.

  • Black – Pending for e-Invoice and E-Way bill generation.

  • Choose the voucher and click on Upload e-Invoice. This will create an e-Invoice for this voucher.

Upload E-Invoice E-Invoice creation

  • You may open the voucher to verify and view the IRN if needed.


  • You may also choose multiple vouchers to create e-Invoice.

  • If the vehicle number is provided in the voucher, GSTZen will automatically create both e-Invoice and E-Way bill number.

Print e-Invoice

  • Click on the Print button at the top pane.

Click Print btn

  • On the pop-up window, click on Print.

Pop up

  • You may also view the invoice by clicking on the Preview button.

Cancel e-Invoice

  • Choose the vouchers that need to be cancelled and click on Cancel e-Invoice.

Cancel E-invoice

  • You may view the cancelled e-Invoices under e-Invoice Cancelled under the Gateway of Tally sidebar.

E-invoice cancelled

  • Note: If the e-Invoice has an E-Way bill, GSTZen will automatically cancel the E-Way bill along with the e-Invoice